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Hello! I'm Matt Johnson. I've been working in graphic and web design since 2006 when I received my Diploma of Graphic Design from Martin College in Sydney.

My personal healing journey has led me through challenges of self expression, depression, anxiety and mental struggle, in the depths of which I was able to create "Worthy"; a brand carrying the message that everyone is worthy of love, kindness and respect.

So far, "Worthy" has manifested in a deck of oracle cards that I use in my psychic intuitive card readings along with the Worthy Journal: Self Reflection Notebook which follows my love of and belief in journalling as a practice.

Whether it's through my work in design or card reading, my desire is always to see everyone flourish in their own unique expression 🌷 and to share my belief that everyone is Worthy of love, kindness and respect with whatever skills and talents I have to offer.

I also just love to create, because I believe that time is art.

Let's walk the path together 🌿

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